Being a good leader is not an easy feat. You need to tackle workplace problems, set good expectations for your juniors, manage work and motivate employees while communicating effectively with everyone. Though there is no perfect recipe for being the perfect leader, however there are things that you should avoid. Good leaders always strive to improve their skills and keep all negative issues at bay.

This list of 5 crucial leadership mistakes will definitely help you in being a successful leader.

1) The ‘I know it all approach’

You might be an expert in what you do. But, it is a bad idea if you start pressing your style of working and ideas on your team. Instead, you should inspire them to bring up ideas and interacting with each other to solve problems. Great leaders never think that they know everything and believe that the team’s combined expertise is better than any individual’s skill set. Be an active listener and ensure that you are paying attention \ to the team.

2) Say no to micromanagement!

Poor leadership is synonymous to micro management. Such leaders never fully trust the employees and always keep an eye on them. This attitude creates a negative atmosphere in the team and stunts their growth. On the contrary, good leaders take time in interacting with their teams to understand the skills of each of his employees and assign the best fitting job role to them.

3) Revising Targets Often

Leaders should realize that whatever the target they put initially plays an important role in determining the process adopted by the team into achieving it. Changing targets often or putting unrealistic targets often interfere with their performance to deliver. They stop trusting you and would ultimately lose confidence in your abilities. Change is inevitable; however, try to stick to your claims if the change is not critically necessary.

4) Acting bossy

There are not many leaders in the world who don’t get overwhelmed with the power they receive and go into the king and slave mode. This creates a divide between the employees and leaders and often detriments their performance of the team. Be a humble individual and make sure that you are not bossy around your employees. Interact with them, applaud their achievements, listen to their ideas so that they feel that you are one of them and can easily share their issues with you.

5) No vision in hindsight

Leaders who lack vision are unfocused, uninspired and will never grow. A clear and achievable vision helps the leader in creating appropriate goals for the company and holds his team responsible in attaining them. Successful leaders understand the importance of the vision motivates employees in achieving the same. This creates a positive environment in the workplace and keeps the employees focused.

It is human to make mistakes but it is only leaders who realize them and don’t hesitate in accepting them in front of their employees. Be the boss you always wanted for yourself.