Company Registration in India – Absolutely Free!

Free Company Registration ??

How can this be true?

There definitely must be some catch right?


At this point you may be wondering what’s in it for us. How can we afford to provide these services for a grand total of FREE? You might be thinking that this must be some sort of bait and switch scam.  Let us assure you that with Companies House, what you see is absolutely what you get. 

It really is a good deal, for You that is.

We make a loss on every free company registration. What we get out of this is a relationship with you, the young entrepreneur who is set out to produce the next big idea.  We believe by removing all barriers in entering a relationship, we start out from a position of trust.

Following activities are included for free:

  • Two digital signatures / DIN applications
  • One time name approval filing

  • Preparation of all required documents including MOA / AOA etc.

  • Filing the incorporation papers

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Digital PAN / TAN numbers

Having said that, we do place some restrictions on this offer. The main objective of ours is to promote young startups.

Therefore we place the following limitations:

  • The age of promoters must be less than 26
  • It has to be the first business venture of the promoters
  • The promoters have to be Indian residents

Further conditions apply as follows:

  • We need to satisfactorily complete the KYC process which may or may not verification of originals, physical meeting with the promoters etc. to ensure that there is no abuse of our genuine offer.
  • We reserve the right not to accept any client or assignment under this promotion.
  • All required documents need to be provided to us in both soft copy and signed hard copy.

The offer is for all activities required till incorporation stage.  Any post incorporation compliances / other registrations are not included.  (Click Here to read more about post incorporation compliance normally applicable)

So what are you waiting for? If I were you, I would sign up at this moment.  You never know when we would withdraw this once in a lifetime offer.


 So Hurry Up.  Sign Up NOW!

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