Limited Liability Partnership

For professional services and other businesses involving partners skills

Features of a Limited Liability Partnership

Limited Liability Protection

The liability of the partners is limited to the capital contributed.

Easy Compliance

There are minimal compliance obligations and restrictions on an LLP in doing business as compared to a company.

Best of Both worlds

LLP gives you benefits a partnership at the same time being a separate corporate entity 

Plans and Pricing

We offer competitive plans for every budget. From a no-frills incorporation service to everything included, we have a plan for you

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents required to register a LLP

For registering a LLP some simple and basic documents are required such as:

  • Photo, Identity proof (PAN Card) and address proofs of shareholders and directors
  • Proof of address for registered office

The documentation varies depending on whether the person is an Indian national or a foriegn national.

For detailed list of documents, please click here

What is a digital signature?

In India, a digital signature is a cryptographic token which is issued by licenced certifying authorities.

This signature can be affixed on any computer based document and is as valid as a physical signature as per the Information Technology Act.

In India, it is mandatory to sign company incorporation forms through digital signatures.

Digital signature remove the need for back and forth transfer of documents and substantially ease the process of signing documents.


How much time does it take to incorporate?

The time taken to incorporate in India depends on the processing time by government officials which varies depending on workload. The various factors determining time taken to start a company are:

  • How quickly the shareholders and directors can complete the digital signature verification process
  • Are the documents ready in one go?
  • Processing of name approval application by government officials
  • Approval of company registration papers by government officials.

Government officials often raise queries regarding company name / attached documentation etc. each such query increases time by 2-3 days.

On an average, once the complete documentation is submitted, one can expect the company to be formed within Seven (7) days.

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